Leadership starts with effective management and initiative.

Build:Engineering the future.


John Carlyle is Armadyne's second CEO. Before assuming leadership in 2154, Carlyle served as its CTO for more than a century. His most notable contribution to Armadyne is the SABRE Cerebral Defense System, the software that powers the Elysium torus.

As CEO, Carlyle has helped to grow revenues 18% to over $18.5 quintillion Amero. Carlyle’s commitment to Armadyne is deep. To ensure Armadyne operations are well looked after, he chooses to make the 19-minute commute from Elysium to Earth every day. He is the first CEO in modern Armadyne history to make such a sacrifice.

He holds an MBA and two Ph.D.'s from Stanford University.

Executive Leadership

Mme. Moreault is a theoretical physicist born in Paris. She holds more patents than any other human and has championed many of Armadyne's most ambitious projects, including the use of applied matter transfer technologies.

Dominique Moreault
Head of research & development

Mr. Dwende's first job at Armadyne was sweeping the floor of the Johannesburg robotics factory. His exceptional work ethic and record of efficiency was quickly rewarded. In 2150 he was promoted to CFO.

Letsego dwende
chief financial officer

Once China's Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Ma's fluency in diplomatic strategy has served Armadyne well. Mr. Ma spearheaded the development of bot technology to better equip the CCB's Elysium Citizenship Initiative and Parole Program.

Stephan ma
head of corporate communications

Meet the Board of Directors

Mr. Singer is a military specialist with degrees from the former United States Military Academy at West Point. A veteran of several wars, his expertise in military technology is unequaled.

Eames Singer

Mr. Wesley is a visionary in the field of bioengineering. His groundbreaking research was critical in the invention of the Med-Pod.

James Thomas Wesley

As the President of Elysium, Minister Patel adds an invaluable perspective to the Armadyne Board. Both his leadership and expertise have been instrumental in forwarding the development of new automated peacekeeping systems.

Minister Patel
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